Corporate Responsibility

Due to the hazardous nature of many of the consignments we transport, a strong focus on safety, health, quality and environmental issues has been a fundamental requirement in the development of our operations. 

Our aim is to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work for all our employees, customers, partners and the public in general, and to provide such information, training and supervision as they need for this purpose. We pride ourselves on our excellent safety record, chiefly due to the high quality workforce implementing and integrating the detailed working procedures and responsible business practices in a proactive manner that ensures a safety culture is instilled throughout the business. 


We recognise that day to day operations impact both directly and indirectly on the environment and are committed to design, develop and deliver quality services in order to minimise the environmental impact of our operations. Our aim is to conserve and protect the environment through good management and by adopting best practice where possible. By conserving energy resources, purchasing environmentally-friendly equipment, carefully managing waste and encouraging initiatives aimed at improving environmental quality we are continually focussed on minimising our carbon footprint.

Safety and quality

We continue to invest heavily in the systems, employees and partners, training and infrastructure and equipment necessary to run our business safely and professionally. All employees are encouraged to take their individual responsibility for good SHEQ performance as seriously as the company does, as well as encouraging customers, suppliers and contractors to share these values.

We have three driver trainers who have been trained to RHA Qualified Assessor standard who are responsible for delivering the practical training required to meet our objectives, aided by a continued investment in Technology.


Technology and Innovation are key to our future plans and a replacement programme for the already modern fleet continues indefinitely. All new vehicles are fitted with the the latest in telematics software, fuel management software, camera technology and active safety packages to ensure the highest safety standards are achieved. Driver Alert Support, Lane Changing Support, Adaptive Cruise Control and Emergency Brake Assistance are all critical technological developments that allow us to maintain such standards.